В СМИ всплыла скандальная информация о разводе Павла и Аланы Мамаевых
The controversial fight of the players of Pavel Mamayev and Alexander Kokorin discusses the whole world of Russian sports.

Why in the plural? The thing is that the first (God forgive me) the athletes beaten in the cafe of the official, and after the Mercedes driver leading the First channel of Olga Ushakova.

Recall, October 8 in the morning, the football team of Russia came to have Breakfast in the coffee shop on the North-West of Moscow. The staff immediately decided they were drunk and high. But the guys ordered only coffee. While the whole company shouted, noisy, misbehaved and were looking for comments. At first to reason with the football players tried staff. Then I passed one of my regulars, had Breakfast in the same room. He made the football comment. They did not like it. In the end, Kokorin and Mamaev beat a man in the building. They even threw chairs at him, and very soon regret it. The victim was an officer.

The second fight occurred on the same day, near the hotel “Beijing”. Players with their friends out of the capital of the strip club and started kicking cars were in the Parking lot. One of these cars was a Mercedes leading the First channel of Olga Ushakova, which was her driver. The man made young people remark, after which he received several blows to the head. As a result, he was taken to intensive care with concussion and traumatic brain injury.

Now it became known that Pavel Mamaev takes his wife, model Alana.

However, this was known on September 28. Then Alan wrote in Instagram:
“Guys I can’t reply to all, so I will answer here: Yes, we disagree! All who waited – waited. And the question is why and for what, ask Pasha.”.

But then she admitted that the divorce does not want to give.
Now, when the man went in this gap, many suspect players in the use not only of alcohol but also illicit drugs.

Maybe now Alan will be more accommodating?

The more it has to move the lion’s share of the savings of her husband.

Unless Paul decides to leave his wife with nothing, as Arshavin.

After such high-profile rumors in the Network, remembered that Alan was never satisfied with their own lives, despite the money and the ability not to work.

This she said in an Interview on “Point And Nad”.

“After Moscow come to Krasnodar and stay there for four years. When I went there, I said, “What could be simpler when you have the money and have kids?” In any city you will be treated well, you can buy the same machine or products, live well… Shit! I spend days not leaving the house. Where do I go? My children go everywhere. Why no friends? And with whom I communicate, I’m there with anyone interested. Krasnodar is a small town. Everything you know, everything you photograph, when you go out without makeup, all you discuss. There is the farm. All in heels every day I go to the store! It is a gesture. Pasha understands why we are not friends and don’t go anywhere.”.

“When do you usually get dressed, come into the store and ask how much are the boots. You say, “Expensive.” In Moscow such is long gone. I didn’t, can go to the Kremlin, Tretyakov, in any store – serves me right. We went with Pasha to the dealership and waited an hour until we someone comes to show the car. After some time found out that he is a player, and all become like this”.

“We have a Pope-hen. It is all the nurses will go. If Pasha house, he redeems, he will walk. We have the opposite – I’m used to it. We have no separation on children – there is nothing that love one more and another less.”.

“Maybe a watch, although I don’t know how much they cost. Maybe a piece of jewelry I recently gave Pasha. This suspension – there’s a lot of carats, but I didn’t like it. He hurt me.” – tells about the jewelry Alana.

How it all began well:

“A friend calls me: “Come to the cafe, devour. I’m with friends.” Come and see: sit some young boys. It was the famous couple – Kokorin and Mamaev. Seriously at first did not take. I immediately told him I didn’t want to meet and I’m still not divorced. Since then live together.”.

By the way, Alan forgave the Pasha, his b…s adventures:

“We are constantly Santa Barbara is going on. It’s fun, because we have hot and cold. We yell, we make up. I’m usually always right. And it’s not just me, surprisingly, but it really is. The causes of quarrels? Because Pasha was walking. He or someone wrote, or someone said so. Had to force him to remove Instagram. Now he’s, like, perfect, and can’t be touched. No one is not jealous – all on trust. I get jealous when there is a reason. They have excuses: “All of these, but I am not.” One correspondence was a fake – they wanted us to broke up with Pasha.”.

However, she is much thankful to her husband:

“He’s not just a cool dad! I don’t know any man who would be a father. All I know about him as a controversial player. But he really is superdad. This is the first person in my life who really cares about me. He’s worried about me. I wanted to stay another day with you in Moscow so we managed to communicate. And he will do everything to make me feel good. When he calls me, and I sit with the girls, he realizes that I am with them and said, “Okay, everybody, won’t you climb”. He will do anything to I was on a high. On my birthday he brought all my friends from Moscow – I was shocked!”.