In the media discussing the “betrayal” of Natasha Koroleva

В СМИ обсуждают «измену» Наташи Королевой
The singer attributed the novel with a new favorite.

Natasha Koroleva and Sergey Glushko

Photo: @natellanatella Instagram Natasha Koroleva

Some time ago, spread disturbing rumors: Queen Natasha and Sergei Glushko waiting for a speedy divorce. Media reported about the secret affair home “mermaid” Russian pop music with a young composer Herman Titov. The Queen, allegedly, made it their new favorite. According to the press release, the novel Natasha with the musician struck up on the basis of joint work on a duet. How to tell the insiders, the actress have already submitted Herman with his team, and they, in turn, has noticed that relations of the Queen with Titov, from their point of view, are too informal.

Gossip about what the Queen can change her husband already came up to her. She commented on the information, stating that it is constantly credited with the affair and it is not surprising. Natasha admitted that she is tired of every time to deny this, especially because now she is very busy. The actress is preparing for a solo concert in the Kremlin. Angry singer sincerely asked outsiders not to meddle in her personal life.

“I was bred seven times in a year! I have each time to comment on it? Everyone is trying to get into my personal life, but I do not allow. I am now preparing for the concert in the Kremlin, and cease to pester me with all sorts of nonsense!” — quotes Natasha

Recall that Natasha and Sergei this summer celebrated the 14th anniversary of the wedding. The couple together has a son Arkhip, living on a permanent basis with my grandmother in Miami. Recently the whole family the Queen, by the way, were in great danger: the native star caught in the eye of the hurricane “Irma”, who inflicted great damage to the state where Natasha is in the ownership of apartments.