В особняке Джуны обнаружили секретный ход

Yesterday a famous Russian healer Djuna could celebrate his birthday. How much she would have turned years old, really can not say no. According to the official version it would have been the 67th birthday, but sources close to the famous and mysterious woman, saying that in fact she would have been 81 years old.

“June has lowered its official age, wanted to be the same age as Pugacheva” — said a close friend of the healer and the current President of the Academy of alternative Sciences Valery Kamshilov.
Despite the fact that since the death has passed more than a year, close friends still feel the invisible presence of the Junes, and he very clearly felt in her house on the Old Arbat.
“After the anniversary of the death of the photo of June is stained blood red, just in the wrong place on the neck where she was doing a surgery on the carotid artery. We realized that it was a sign – so she tells us that nothing agreed on surgical intervention. Because immediately after discharge she became ill and she died. But we, her close friends feel. she here” — said Valery.
The man added that the number of pilgrims to the house juna was just huge, visitors so much that they take them day and night.
Valery says that the pictures of the June cure any disease, and they are all over the house. In addition, the house has a recording Studio, where, according to legend, recorded their songs Igor talc.
Was it really, or is it a tourist trap – Valery does not undertake to say, but confirms the fact that Joon was friends with the artist. They met when talc has a broken leg, and his brother brought him to her for therapy. The woman just held up her hands over the injured foot and Igor.. went without crutches.
And a big surprise for all was that of the house of the healer to the ventilation shafts, subway is a real subway. It is known fact that this is a real underground city.
Valery suggests that June could come close to, say, the American Embassy and, using his gift to read classified information through walls.
Recall that the healer died in June last year from a stroke.

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