В жизни Яны Поплавской случилось новогоднее чудо
Actress and TV presenter shared the happy news.

Yana Poplavskaya with the dog Darling

Photo: Social Networks

Yana Poplavskaya was convinced that Christmas miracle — not an invention. On the eve of the New year the doctors of the veterinary clinic was able to save the beloved pet of the artist. A dog named Jana darling recently had a serious operation and was literally on the verge of death.

Ian admitted that he, along with a favorite Evgeny Yakovlev prayed for the salvation of the animal. The day before New year Poplavskaya shared the good news: Doucet managed to overcome the crisis. “What they wanted, asked for came true! Darling, my favorite girlfriend, live! Every day we told her that we can’t be without it… darling, live! Heard! We will celebrate the New dog year together. Happiness is when everything is alive and well. Today took miles of stitches, today came a wonderful histology!” — written by Jan in social networks.

Despite the difficult end, held Jan 2017 with a good attitude. “I had a wonderful year full of events. It was all I ever dreamed of: travel, new work projects, two theatrical premieres, the opening of “Workshop Reading Yana Poplavskaya”, a joint project with GDB, where she now teaches children with their parents, social and charity projects, new meetings, new friends, real estate purchase! And incredibly happiness, my darling Dog darling alive! This year gave me a huge amount of joy out of life!” — summed up the year Poplavskaya. She pointed out that her husband has provided her with invaluable support.