In the life of Aleksandr Petrov and Irina Starshenbaum was an important event

В жизни Александра Петрова и Ирины Старшенбаум произошло важное событие
The actor released a collection of poems.

Photo: Press-service of Oleksandr Petrov

Star of TV series “Police with the ruble” and “Gogol” Alexander Petrov also became famous as a great reader. A video in which the actor reads the works of Pasternak and Mayakovsky, gaining a record number of hits.

As it turned out, Petrov and even writes poetry himself. And now he is ready to present them to the audience (or reader). In January on the shelves of bookstores will appear in the first book of Alexander #SANAFONTIS.

The name is not simple, this book was born out of the same-titled show, which put Peter himself. In it, he brought an actor and a screenwriter, and a Director at the same time.

The actor absolutely honest with yourself and with the reader. Here his poems, thoughts, sayings friends, numerous photos and… first in-person interview with the main muses — actress and beloved Petrova Irina Starshenbaum.

“I was happy as an actress, working with Director Alexander Petrov over the movies that were included in the performance, she said. — He knows me very well. And I now understand Actresses that are only from their husbands-the Directors. This pampering and flying. Are you 100% know what he needs from you in the frame. If you feel that your man brings light and truth, then you need to hold him. I was very lucky with Alex, he won’t let me fall into a depression and behaves very like a man”.

Usually of literary material is born of theatrical performance. With #SANAFONTIS the opposite happened. Poems and stories first materialized in the play, and then returned to the pages of the book.

“If Ira were not, then none of this would have happened. And I want to share a success with it. And every time I call her up on stage. Yes, she’s the main character, in the end, – says Alexander Petrov. I don’t lie in the #SANAFONTIS. Everything is so arranged in our performance that the audience connected. First of all look and understand nothing, but give up after the first poem. Because we don’t lie.”

Sasha Petrov for the first time openly talks about his personal life, about how the two joined lovers ‘ heart. He says in verse of his own composition, he reveals feelings through the photos of your archive of romantic journeys; the art of shooting the emotions of ordinary people, made throughout Europe.

The book transmits and stores experience a dramatic show. #SANAFONTIS is a solo performance, with immersive sets, made in the auditorium, and a completely new genre of performance art that combined cinema, theatre and concert.