In the Internet appeared the frames of an adult son Dzhanabaeva and Meladze

В Сети появились кадры взрослого сына Джанабаевой и Меладзе The festival organizers shared pictures from her Bones. The guy celebrated his fourteenth birthday with his parents in an interactive Museum-theater. Fans of the couple admire a family idyll.
В Сети появились кадры взрослого сына Джанабаевой и Меладзе

In late February, the son Albina dzhanabaeva and Valery Meladze, Konstantin was 14 years old. As it turned out, the parents gave him a noisy holiday. The organizers of the event and a photographer who worked there, could not help but share a vivid picture of celebrities.

“Valery Meladze, Albina dzhanabaeva and their son Constantine. Good holiday with family and friends, embodied the modest photographer,” wrote the author of a rare picture.

The boy is very similar facial features to the mother. Albina admitted that the child does not want to be a hero gossip, so rarely photographed with their parents for various magazines

В Сети появились кадры взрослого сына Джанабаевой и Меладзе

The event was held in an interactive Museum-theater, where many decide to celebrate the birthday of their children. Animators have prepared a rich program for the birthday child.

Constantine decided not to consider for himself the career of a singer. As told by Valery Meladze, his son is fascinated by technology. “Kostya has almost surpassed me in height, although he was barely 13 years old. He’s really interested in technology, and in its warehouse of thinking he is an engineer, same as me. He loves everything about technology, mechanics, electricity”, – shared the artist in one of the TV show.

Albina notes that their son all have your own opinion. According to the singer, it’s very hard to convince: even if the coast does not argue, he does not change his point of view.

The ex-soloist of group “VIA Gra” still a little ashamed of the eldest son that hadn’t paid attention to him. When Kostya was born, she began to tour with the team. With the boy’s upbringing helped her mother. But now, sometimes work interferes with the star spending a lot of time with children. “It’s bad that they rarely see me. You know, when I finished my participation in the group “VIA Gra”, and it was a crazy schedule, constant travel, flights… And suddenly everything stopped! I Wake up at home today, tomorrow, day after tomorrow, beside me children, but I suddenly became scared. This pause in the work, it scared me, I was shocked. So I agreed to play roles in the theater,” – told dzhanabaeva.