В Сети появились кадры, на которых Анна Седокова целуется с девушкой Anna Sedokova surprised fans brave video, which show her kissing a girl. According to the singer, the movie, which tells about the lack of women’s happiness has become part of her autobiography. Soon the star is planning to release the book.
В Сети появились кадры, на которых Анна Седокова целуется с девушкой

With the birth of children, it seemed, Anna Sedokova settled down and lost interest in the flamboyant actions. Despite the fact that fans have been accustomed to the Nude photos 35-year-old star, to this day, she was seen in revealing scandals. Today, the singer shared a still from the new clip, in which kissing a girl. Such displays of affection, however, was not pleased subscribers, prompting a wave of indignation.

In the video for the song “not a word about it,” Anna comes into the nightclub and begin to make obscenities. On the threshold of the establishment Sedokova greeted with a spectacular half-naked women who are supposedly trying to save a random visitor yearning for a happy life.

В Сети появились кадры, на которых Анна Седокова целуется с девушкой“It’s not just a clip, and a screen adaptation for the second Chapter of my forthcoming book. Completely new and not similar to others. The first Chapter was “In the wild”, a film about love. The heroine of the second Chapter of my book suffers from the fact that it eats up inside hurt and pain that she can’t be happy. Man she is ready to give her heart, she is not interested. But the heroine still finds a way to hide from feelings and stop fighting them – sent in a very unusual place where men are not allowed. Here in life there comes a turning point – she suddenly gets a lucky ticket to a very different reality, where only light-heartedness and ease, and the past in the past. She drowns in my love light dance music, and the women with whom she together to overcome the difficulties which have incredible support,” shared Anna.

By the way, in the new clip, the singer looks amazing. In an interview with “StarHit” Anna admitted that after the third birth she had to work hard to restore the luxurious pieces – the artist has increased the number of visits to the gym and started to follow a proper diet.

“Back Jogging in the morning along the promenade at the house. By the way, I measure distance not in kilometers, but in the songs – the average is 40-minute album. My secret: do the pants and slimming belt, two pair of gym shorts and sweaters. I love hand massage. If you do it regularly, three sessions a week will do fine,” admitted the star.

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