In the Internet appeared the announcement of the reward for the murder of Alexei Panin

В Сети появилось объявление о вознаграждении за убийство Алексея Панина

One after the other in front of a video featuring the infamous actor Alexei Panin, who, as they say, do not leave anyone indifferent. So, one of them persons similar to the above mentioned artist masturbating, walking in a residential area of Ulyanovsk in lingerie, and the other and even engaged in oral sex with a man.

Some netizens were so outraged by the behavior of Alexei that one particularly aggressive even offered a cash reward for the head of Panin.
The artist himself a few days ago commented on these videos that have appeared on the world wide web thanks to the cyber criminals. According to Panin, they were removed for the personal archive in the times when he is close friends with a green snake and couldn’t control his actions. Alex said that he was very disgusted to look at myself like this – now he’s a different person.
Fear for his life, the artist sees no reason, because in recent days he received as many negative and many positive. Alex said that it is now more suited on the streets, smiling, praising his acting.
“ daughter hears all this, she does not see these videos. I have no changes in my life have not seen. What calls?! What are you talking about? The Internet is a cesspool. I have no fears. I can’t comment on sick sick people. I have all the wonderful work and with other people,” said the actor and added that the case him and his partner – how and with whom to have sex.
“The way me and my girlfriend have sex, should not worry anyone that we suck, we suck and we suck one”, said Panin.
Recall that a few years ago on the Ukrainian program “lie Detector” Alex confessed that he had sexual relations with men, and that “for art’s sake,” he could have sex with a man and on the screen.