В доме Дмитрия Диброва случился пожар The TV host saved his family. In the house of Dmitry Dibrova was a fire. This was reported by the wife of the journalist in his microblog. Pauline said that if not for the husband, the consequences of the fire would have been tragic.
В доме Дмитрия Диброва случился пожар

Dmitry Dibrov and his family – wife Pauline and three sons Alexander, Theodore and Ilya, who just turned three years – live in a big house in the country. The three-storey house in the village of “Uspensky glade”, 19 kilometers from the Moscow ring road, there is everything necessary for life. And even more: a room for each family member adjusted to the interior, lovingly matched expensive items of furniture and finishes. Now the house needed repairs.

On the night of April 30 in the house Librovich the fire happened. This was reported by the wife of the TV presenter on his page in Instagram. As told by Pauline, burned off, she put it on the charger. If not for Dmitry, who did not sleep in the morning and was able to cope with the fire (luckily the house was the fire extinguisher), the consequences would be irreversible. However, judging by the photos, published by Pauline, the house is still decently suffered.

“At three in the morning jumped out of bed the smell of… Ran all the rooms on the third floor (our floor with Dima) – quiet, but the stench. Went down on the second – the same picture, the smell intensified, the kids are asleep. First – my husband is sitting at the table with a glass of whiskey without a face… the Smell is incredible… in front of me the whole door in soot, you know that the fire. Dima lost the Manager [here probably a typo]. On fire set me on charging the Segway, and it is our happiness that the husband did not sleep and was on the first floor, otherwise the consequences would be dire. Acrid smoke, soot to enter the room impossible. The door glass is cracked. Here’s the Chinese stuff. God saved us!” – posted by Polina Dibrova.

Pauline also noted that her husband, though able, together with the assistant not to give a burning fire, still very worried. Wife Dibrova addressed to the subscribers for advice: how to get rid of burnt smell how to survive the effects of fire, how to prevent a similar situation in the future?

“Fire is incredibly scary. Put the husband to sleep in the morning, all the while talking in her sleep and calls the names of the children. He was very frightened for their lives, the idea that if all were sleeping, crazy. How to prevent a similar situation? How to clean a house after a fire? Need any tips! Helped the fire extinguisher. Security called the fire Department. But, friends, in such a situation, the phone is not an assistant. After I saw a missed a call from her husband in the morning [bell], when it happened. At night I put silent mode. Take care of yourself and your loved ones!” – said Dibrov.

Judging by the video, affected only part of the house: cracked glass door, covered with soot the white walls in the corridors and the room and the ceiling in the kitchen. Members expressed their sympathy and wished not to get into a similar situation and also recommended not to charge various devices at night.

“Thank God that everything worked out! Your husband good, not confused and like a real dad and husband, very scared for my family is normal!”, “Oh my God, thank God that everything is alive! Strength to you, let everything be okay!” “Pauline, all need to strip and make repairs. My neighbor’s house was on fire, my house is smoke damaged, washed. But their house from the smoke had all apart and re-build everything inside…” – wrote to Pauline compassionate subscribers.