В доме Дмитрия Диброва ночью случился пожар!
Little kids TV presenter was in mortal danger.

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Last night in the house of Dmitry Dibrova was a fire. By a happy coincidence, the flames broke out at a time when the broadcaster has not had time to go to bed. Dibrov called the fire Department, but did not wait for their arrival and armed with a fire extinguisher, coped with fire. As it turned out the fire started because of the Segway, who is the wife of Dmitry left the network to recharge. Probably there is a short circuit.

В доме Дмитрия Диброва ночью случился пожар!

Pauline at the start of the fire slept with the children on the third floor of the house. She woke up from the acrid smell, which quickly spread through the house. Downstairs, found terrified husband.

“He coped with the Manager himself. On fire set me on charging the Segway and it is our happiness that the husband did not sleep and was on the ground floor, otherwise, the consequences would be terrible. Acrid smoke, soot to enter the room impossible. The door glass is cracked — said Pauline. — Fire is incredibly scary. Put the husband to sleep in the morning. All the time talking in her sleep and calls the names of the children. He was very frightened for their lives and thought about if everyone was asleep maddening!”