In the house of David and Victoria Beckham broke dangerous criminals

В дом Дэвида и Виктории Бекхэм вломились опасные преступники

Last week in the mansion of the family Beckham in the Cotswold hills, UK, and trying to get the robbers. Fortunately, the guard has worked perfectly and ahead of cyber criminals. Their identities have not been established, and now it turns out that this is a dangerous group!

According to the police, the mansion twice tried to Rob an extremely dangerous group: they are based in the West Country and robbing the house in southern England. The gang is engaged not only in robbery, but also extortion, drug trafficking and murder.

We will remind, the group of men in ski masks tried to climb using the stairs through the window in the country house of the family Beckham in the Cotswolds, England. Only one house is estimated at 6 million pounds, and inside is “good” for an even greater amount. However, the security service ahead of the robbers in the video and they just did not have time to get into the mansion.

The family Beckham travelled to Australia to take part in the “Games of the unconquered,” which was organized by Prince Harry. The couple was very upset when I found out about the incident. I hope the news did not spoil the fun. The family does not live there constantly, but loves to visit there this weekend. But now surely no one will get into the territory of the mansion after the incident, David beefed up security. Now the house is guarded by guard dogs and patrol, while the yard is equipped with special sensors of movement.

By the way, the mansion is located in the famous area, which is very like the rest of the star. Next to the Beckham family are the houses of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, Jeremy Clarkson and David Cameron.

And recently by David, there is a trouble. However, he still can avoid a big fine and the loss of a driver’s license. The lawyers have made closing the case, and all because of bureaucratic error.

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