In the house of Andrei Malakhov was a fire

В доме Андрея Малахова произошел пожар
The apartment is burned to the ground.

Andrey Malakhov

Andrey Malakhov will
costly repairs in a luxury apartment overlooking the Cathedral of Christ the Savior. The cost
apartments in this building starts from thirty million rubles. The TV presenter
will completely change expensive floors that have become unusable as the result
fire. However, the fire was not the showman, and his neighbors
on the floor below, the house which was set on fire by unknown attackers. About it

Two-bedroom apartment
take the doctor-statistician CDB MIA and her 70 year old husband. They are both disabled at the
bronchial asthma. Living space allocated to the family in 2003, Moscow
government, and later pair it privatized. In the day of misfortune the owners
the apartment was in the country. About 7.35 the apartment Malakhov on the floor above worked
fire detectors, smoke caught at the neighbors, the neighbor on the floor below
called the fire Department. Rescuers extinguished a fire that engulfed the apartment in
for hours she burned up.

The damage in the burned apartment was estimated at 2
million. In order to cope with the fire in the house, firefighters
had to open the showman flooring. This happened due to the fact that in the house
hardwood floors that have been carefully shed
special funds. Fire investigators determined the cause of the incident, stating in conclusion: arson. Malakhov has caused experts to assess

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