В Доме-2 состоялась юбилейная свадьба
Legitimate spouses of Tata steel, Valery Abramson and Responsibility.

Tata Abramson and Valery Responsibility

In the “House-2” held a jubilee wedding. Husband and wife
were members of the popular electroni Tata Abramson and Valery Responsibility.

The solemn ceremony of registration of marriage took place in
Gagarinsky Registrar office of the city of Moscow and the lush celebration
the event took place the next day in the “city apartments”. Tata Abramson and Valery Responsibility less than
a year stay at the “House-2” was not only able to build your love, make
the decision to become a family, but also thought about the children. The wedding of Tats and Valera became the 15th
the wedding played by the participants in the project. Tata is on
the last months of pregnancy, and in the summer the couple have a daughter, which
will be again, “jubilee”, the tenth child, born on
popular telestroke.

Preparing for the wedding and another pair of the TV show: Anton Gusev and
Victoria Romanet. Anton made his beloved proposal in late March, and since then
every day the bride and groom plan
future celebration. March 30, in the fashion capital restaurant Anton
gave Vick a white gold ring with diamond worth about
half a million rubles. According to Gusev, for this event he prepared some
months. He chose a place which offered romanet become his wife and considering
jewelry catalogs to choose for your favorite the perfect engagement ring. In
appointed day, standing in front of his beloved on one knee, Anton feared
hearing the crack, but that did not happen.