In the heat of Jolie hides the thinness of under wool robes

В жару Джоли прячет худобу под шерстяными балахонами

In 30-degree heat, the actress has left the house in a woolen cardigan.

In the last year once the first beauty of Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie has been receiving from fans criticisms than compliments about their appearance…

Fans are seriously concerned about the excessive thinness “Mrs. Smith”. Most are inclined to believe that the actress have been seriously suffering from anorexia. And the next appearance of 41-year-old Jolie on the streets only confirms that. In 30-degree weather Angie left the house in a woolen cloak, hiding her figure.

The actress was photographed by paparazzi at the exit of one of the supermarkets of Los Angeles. Looking very tired brad’s wife led under the hand of the younger son Knox. Knox t-shirt and shorts my mother helped to carry carts with products.

Fans immediately decided that skinny actress is cold even in the heat.

However, some believe that the celebrity thinness has nothing to do with digestive issues, but only the result of problems in the family. As you know, her marriage to pitt is bursting at the seams. And for the last six months one of the most beautiful couples of Hollywood is on the verge of divorce…

But as Jolie seems so critical that even a 77-year-old father of star actor Jon Voight is trying to reach his daughter and get her to go to the hospital. We will remind, the actress has cut off all communication with his father in 2001 when he allowed himself to negative statements in the press about her mental health.

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