В траве сидел кузнечик: с Хайди Клум случился модный казус

The famous supermodel once again proved that impeccable taste in clothes not her strong suit.

Heidi Klum was spotted while walking around new York in an outfit that can hardly be called successful. The supermodel’s own example has proved: to dress from head to toe in green not a good idea.

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Heidi was never included in the list of the most stylish celebrities, but, it seems, has never claimed the status of a fashion icon. In the closet the stars tasteless outfits much more than all the others. So, for example, recently she was seen on the streets of new York in the green total-Luka. Shirt, pants and even bag – every detail of the model’s image was saturated herbaceous tint. We have nothing against green jeans, but the blouse and the accessories are too much. With such trousers where it would be better looked shirt pale pistachio hue and classic black shoper.

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