In the Grand theatre hosted the premiere of the controversial

В Большом театре состоялась скандальная премьера
Exclusive details from the private screening of the ballet “Nureyev”.

В Большом театре состоялась скандальная премьера

The first spectators of the ballet
“Nureyev” at the Bolshoi theater on the stage were waiting for a lot of surprises: a dancer who in
the end of the play suddenly takes the place of conductor, Igor Vernik in the role
the auctioneer, a gallery of portraits of national leaders from Nicholas II to
Khrushchev, luxury party in the style of Louis XIV — the sun King, “dirty” dances of the inhabitants of the Bois de Boulogne, the slender columns of the Komsomol… Ballet created by the composer Ilya Demutsky, choreographer
Yuri Posokhov, Director Kirill Serebrennikov. Three years before that, they put on a New
the Bolshoi is a very successful play on the “Hero of our time” Lermontov. After
this creative trio has received an offer from the theatre to create another project
already on the Historical stage.

created a story about one of the brightest stars
the world of dance. But showed the audience “Nureyev” with a delay of five months. In
the June edition of the play was postponed (after the rehearsal), which is
a rare case in the history of the company. “Nureyev” then immediately replaced the “don Quixote”.

В Большом театре состоялась скандальная премьера

Vladislav Lantratov at a press conference

The head of the theater Vladimir urin explained the situation to the unwillingness of “Nureyev”: after all, in this ballet involved
not only the dancers, but the chorus, solo singers, drama artists, stage
the orchestra (in addition to the usual, sitting in the orchestra pit) and even stagehands, there are many quick
a change of scenery. “The reputation of our theater can not produce “raw”,
insufficiently rehearsed the play,” said urin. Also the CEO
strongly emphasized that the situation is not connected with the initiated against her
Director Kirill Serebrennikov judicial process and politics or censorship. And promised that
the show will release before the end of 2017. In the end, “Nureyev” had a Large
to release in parallel with the preparation
another ballet — “Romeo and Juliet”.

And here is the long awaited
“Nureyev” was released. Tickets to the premiere sold out at the box office for
two hours. And on the eve of the premiere tickets “from hands” was offered for 160 thousand
rubles! First, the day before the official show new journalists saw. First
the creators of the productions held a press conference (by the way, the number of cameras,
covering the show ballet was unprecedented). The press came out almost all of the major
“heroes” of the events, with the exception of a choreographer who rehearsed
artist and Director, who is under house arrest.

В Большом театре состоялась скандальная премьера

Igor Tsvirko at a press conference

The first took the floor Vladimir
Urin: “We have appealed to the Investigation Committee with a request that pieces of silver could
to take part in the rehearsals, but we refused. But all the staging with the Director agreed. No changes in performance were made — I didn’t notice. But if
there was, it agreed with the Director and choreographer. This show will cause
disputes – we in the theater there are performances, causing disputes. But art reflects
the questions, which society lives…

Regarding the budget of this large-scale
the project, he is a great (and inexpensive performances in Big does not happen).
Just look at the quality of the costumes, not to mention the scenery. This is done
by sponsors and the money earned by the theatre. It always happens
with “populous” performances… These two premiere of “Nureyev” are not the only:
the plays will be staged in may”.

Igor Tsvirko, which
acted as Nureyev at the pre-run on Friday evening, too
confirmed that “Serebrennikov everything has been done. The formulation has not changed, except that artists of the choir on the left
the parties have moved to the right… Is initially risky idea: make the play
about extraordinary personality. For Directors it’s more than a performance. This
a ballet performance somewhere like the cinema… For me, the main trait
Nureyev’s inflexibility. At some point he realized: we have to show people that
what gave his nature…”

В Большом театре состоялась скандальная премьера

The number of cameras at the press conference was off the charts

Vladislav Lantratov
(he was entrusted to dance the main role at the premiere performance on Saturday,
in the history of ballet that he will go down as the first performer of the role Nureyev) said:
“The play is incredibly
scale — before this I have not seen… I asked envy if I
Nureeva? As an artist, he has achieved everything. But I — Vladislav Lantratov, no one
example do not take. You can envy its performance, the thirst for creativity, but
exact copies, I have not achieved…”

Maria Alexandrova,
the role of the partner Nureyev Margot Fonteyn said: “pieces of silver
said to me: “Mary, you’re Margot, and you know everything. Do it!” And the other singer of this role, Kristina Kretova said: “There are several
movements that are characteristic of Margaux. After all, she already wanted to finish
career. But then came Nureyev, and she danced even fifteen years. The Duo
I grab his hair and look him in the eyes as if to say, “Look, I’m older
you!” But if he answers: “Yes, the whole world at our feet!”

В Большом театре состоялась скандальная премьера

Composer Ilya Demutsky

Immediately after
the press conference began the run of the ballet. The show, which premieres to
called “scandalous,” and shocking, was far from the scandal and outrageousness.
So, the relationship of Rudolf Nureyev with his close friend Eric Bruno
shown very delicately. There was no “crime” in the famous “naked”
photo shoot of a dancer, and it was this episode before the premiere caused the biggest
discussion. When Nureyev performed by Artem Ovcharenko was off to the delight of the paparazzi mink coat, which hid the naked body, there were no “strippers”: the dancer had panties Nude. But the most outspoken
the photo shoot showed for a few seconds, and the “most interesting” chastely covered window frame. So the main theme of this poignant essays was not skolzkie points of the biography of the star, and the classical ballet of idealist beauty and
great Artist.

Pages of life Nureyev staged constantly
alternate with a never-ending auction, which after the death of a star
sell his property from the old carpets, vases and costumes to the archipelago, which Rudolf purchased three years before death. The ballet begins
with the long monologue of a salesman (Igor Vernik and Vladimir Koshevoi), who is English and
the French quickly lists the lot for lot.

The General Director of the Bolshoi theatre Vladimir urin at the press conference

The same auctioneer
read the denunciations of KGB officers too freely behaving abroad Nureyev or touching letters to the star from his friends (a message from Alla Osipenko
and Natalia Makarova revived the main star of the Bolshoi theatre Svetlana Zakharova). In the end, the auction room instantly becomes in a dance Studio, hall
airport, Paris apartment
Nureyev on the street Voltaire. In this kaleidoscope of rapidly rushing pages of life “Rudy”:
studying at the Vaganova school, life at Home, accompanied by vigorous
“the Soviet” in unison, touring abroad and the famous jump over the fence at the airport, which started the career of a dancer in the West and
that shut him the way Home (the theater scene was kept secret, so get it to the press banned). There are a life of luxury “? toiles”, a string of his roles
and approaching death.

Great success
the production is the music of the ballet. Ilya Demutsky, many worked in the documentary
movies, created a very emotional and very distinct score. And masterfully wove
in it many themes from classical music (Liszt, Mahler, schönberg), and before
all of the ballet “hits” — “Giselle”, “Nutcracker”, “Swan lake”, “Sleeping
beauty”, “Giselle” (in all of these ballets shone Nureyev).

A performance ends
also the quote and the music and dance — the famous scene of the “Shadow” of
the ballet “La Bayadere,” one of the most beautiful in the world ballet. Only
now, in the enchanting “procession” involves not only the ballerina
but dancers, and of this fantastically beautiful picture it is impossible
take your eyes off. And at this point begins to conduct the orchestra departed
the scene (and of life) Nureyev, who also became a shadow, a legend, a myth. So the ending of the play, which obviously will be an event in the ballet world, it was incredibly strong.