В борьбе: россиянка Наталья Воробьева взяла серебро в Рио

Two Russian athletes reached the final of the Olympic tournament in freestyle wrestling. Natalia Vorobyova took 2nd place in the weight category up to 69 kg, and Valeria Koblova got silver in a weight to 58 kg!

In the decisive battle Koblova yielded a tenfold world champion and now four-time Olympic champion Kaori ito, but Natalya Vorobyova showed character and almost took over the Japanese, Sarah Dosso…but in the last 20 seconds of missed technique and lost its rightful gold Japanese athlete. Incredibly disappointing defeat!

And here is an interview Vorobyov gave to Woman’s Day a few days before the decisive contests.

After the success at the London Olympics any other result, in addition to the medals, you probably don’t want?
В борьбе: россиянка Наталья Воробьева взяла серебро в РиоYes, 9 Aug 2012 is the most significant day in my life. That’s when I won the final of the Olympic games, the five-time world champion Machines Setevoi. When an athlete wants something and reaches its goal, it always remains in memory. See, I even remember the date (smiles). I think even the day of the wedding can be forgotten, a day of victory at the Olympic games – no. He who has once been in the Olympics, he realizes there’s nothing cooler than Olympic gold. Dream and in Rio de Janeiro to climb the highest step of the podium. During the four years that have passed since the victory at the Olympic games in London, I gained experience, learned rivals, changed weight category.1 /7

And much had to throw for the sake of performing in Rio?
В борьбе: россиянка Наталья Воробьева взяла серебро в Рио

Previously, I acted in weight to 72 kg, but a few years ago, the international Federation of sports styles of wrestling changed weight categories in women. So I had a little “dry”, up to 69 kg. But that no problems have arisen. Just slightly reduced the portion sizes for lunch and dinner (laughs). Well, if weight to lose fails, I can always cut my hair (smiles). Five hundred grams of they probably have.

Probably, for this a full head of hair difficult to treat, especially in competitions?
В борьбе: россиянка Наталья Воробьева взяла серебро в Рио

No. Although wrestling is a contact sport, and my hair hurts. Well, I have a rescue mask and a properly fitted care products for the hair. But the longer nails can not afford: they must be short. But now I set the trend for short bright nogotochki.

Generally try to be a woman in any situation, at all events wear dresses and shoes. Although I adhere to sports style. Went constantly with a backpack or sports bag. But it is necessary to break stereotypes about women’s wrestling. Otherwise, how? Many parents are afraid to send their daughters to the struggle: “who she’s become?!” And look at me, a girl with long hair and maybe you will reconsider their attitude to our sport. In the end, girls and without a fight he can earn the bruises. At least this way we can stand up for themselves. So everything is fine.

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It is difficult to imagine that such a pretty girl like you, volunteered to engage in such sport as wrestling. How did you get in section?
В борьбе: россиянка Наталья Воробьева взяла серебро в Рио

In fighting me, by the way, nobody gave. And with the boys I didn’t like to fight. Just was a very lively child, physically gifted. And I needed somewhere to put my energy. So I came myself to the gym in 10 years. However, I did not realize that the fight is mine. At first I was amused: playing with a ball, doing in the gym. But the mother has long been against my interests. I kept things on the veranda said going out, and she ran to the hall to practice. But then in his hometown, and I was born in Tulun is in the Irkutsk region, we held competitions in which I participated. Mom saw it all and realized that I really like.

They say that after the Olympics in London you his first coach car has presented?

Yes, it is a tribute to the man who has done much for my development as athletes. The house can not be built without a Foundation, and my foundations were laid Kamil Ciganin.

A long time ago, when I was a kid, I heard the coaches in the locker room were discussing the price of the machine. And then I promised my first mentor, Camille Gigantino: about to become an Olympic champion, will give you a car. So after the victory in London on the way home we stopped in the dealership in Irkutsk – we had agreed the purchase of the SUV Nissan X-Trail.

He then moved, I remembered all my childhood, all my whims. And really was happy about him not forgotten. I think he’s proud of me.

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