В семье Тома Хэнкса возникли серьезные проблемы
The actor is considering divorce.

Tom Hanks with wife


Fans of Tom Hanks upset recently
spread the news: the actor, who this summer is 60 years old, supposedly, seriously considering the prospect
divorce. As it became known to reporters
edition of the National Enquirer,
Tom and his wife Rita Wilson for some time do not live together and are now close to the official dissolution of marriage.

Hanks and Wilson have long been considered one
of the most solid couples in Hollywood. They lived together for more than 30 years, raising sons, Truman and Chester, all whose name is Chet. It is because the Couple
in the family and started a quarrel…

A year ago the eldest son of Rita and Tom was
I have to admit that he had a serious drug problem. Chet, who chose for himself a career as a rapper started to take a different kind of “doping” as a teenager. But in recent years his passion came out from under
control. Tom and Rita, it became clear that urgent intervention is required,
to save his son. But the couple had different views on parenting:
believed that it was necessary to exercise the utmost severity against the son, and
Rita felt sorry for him.

Scandals became more frequent. And
Rita, who’s really worried for his son, seriously ill. Fortunately,
cancer diagnosed at an early stage. After the surgery, the doctors said Wilson, her chances of final
the recovery is quite high.

However, this story is not the best way
impacted the relations of the spouses. Under the impact of the disease Rita became
very nervous and irritable. Of course, Hanks did not leave her when she was sick. He supported his wife before surgery and after, when she was appointed a course of treatment. But now, when Rita recovered, Tom took the decision to live separately, to make a final decision about her marriage.

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