In the family of Valentin Yudashkin was a long awaited event

В семье Валентина Юдашкина произошло долгожданное событие
Fashion designer celebrated the important date.

Valentin and Marina Yudashkina

While fans of the family Yudashkin waiting when
master can be congratulated for the birth of another grandson, Valentin shared with
them another, less pleasant news. Waiting news about the second birth
the successor model of business Galina, the couple Yudashkina Marina and Valentin noted
30th anniversary of joint life.

This good news was shared by himself
Valentine, posting a picture with his beloved wife and the caption “Congratulations! We
together for 30 years”.

Meanwhile, Galina Yudashkin is preparing to leave: they
scheduled for mid-spring.

“We will again be an April baby! — shared
happy grandmother, Marina Yudashkin guests Andrei Malakhov in the show “Direct
ether”. All Aries out!”

The audience who gathered this evening in the Studio
program, the impression that Galina and Peter again expecting a boy. Your
the first son they named Anatoly, in honor of grandparents (the grandfather of Peter Maksakova on
maternal — Anatoly Dobrynin).

“The second will also call my grandfather!” — told

“We think this is right when the child gets
name in honour of the grandfather!” noticed Peter Maksakov.

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