В семье солистки «Блестящих» Нади Ручки — пополнение
Popular singer got the puppy.

Nadia Pen with puppy Fedor

Photo: Personal archive of the singer

A year after
the death of her beloved rabbit mochi, Nadia Pen could not even imagine that someday
can get a new pet. But not so long ago star apartment deafened
leaping dog barking. Pen got a girl puppy dwarf
poodle. New member of the family received an unusual and melodic name
Theodore, known as Teddy. The name of his pet Nadia came up almost immediately,
I saw a puppy.

“I since the childhood dreamed of a poodle,” says Nadia. — I can positively say this is the best
breed for families! She has a lot of advantages. First, it has no smell,
wool does not fade. This breed has no aggression. On the contrary, they are very
delicate and careful with other dogs, cats and people. They are very smart! About
their ingenuity can talk for hours. The perfect companions! No wonder
dogs of this breed perform in the circus. And my Fedya simply unique — her
such intelligent and expressive eyes, which I just fell in love. When
she’s a little older, we will definitely do the home training. I’m sure
what’s Fedi much work!”

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