In the family of Nicole Kidman we’re in trouble

В семье Николь Кидман приключилась беда
The actress is afraid to lose someone.

Nicole Kidman


Nicole Kidman has undergone a severe shock. She learned that her beloved mother of Janelle
seriously ill and her life is in danger. This was reported by Australian media.

49-year-old actress
learned about his illness a 76-year old mother, when he was in Louisiana, where he starred in
drama “Deceived”. But when she called her sister Antonia, Nicole urgently
flew to Australia. As told
Anthony, Janell came to her house to spend the holidays together, but she
suddenly became ill. The doctor examined the patient, found her condition very
serious, and she was urgently hospitalized. The survey showed that
Janelle suffered a severe heart attack, the consequences of which can be very
serious. The doctor hinted that a patient’s life is still under threat.

was stunned and depressed, because she was always very attached to their
parents. And two years ago she had experienced a real tragedy when suddenly
died her beloved father, Anthony. He died from injuries when he fell down the stairs in the hotel. The fall, as was established later
the medical examiner, was the result of a heart attack. And now Nicole
afraid that her mother could die…

Moreover, as admitted Nicole is one of
his girlfriends, she can’t forgive himself for that
when my mother became ill, and she wasn’t around. But after the funeral
the father of the actress made a vow that from now on takes care of Janell itself. And it was necessary such to happen that in a critical moment she was thousands of miles away from mother….