В семье Мэтта Дэймона приключилось большое горе
The actor mourns the loss of a loved one.

Matt Damon


Matt Damon told the sad news: on 74-m
year of life the death of his beloved father, Kent. The cause of his death was
the aggravation of a long cancer – multiple myeloma,
affecting bone marrow and blood cells.

It seemed not long ago, the 47-year-old Matt was hoping
father would leave him some time. After all, the doctors diagnosed the deadly Kent
the illness in 2010 and he was able to resist disease as much as 7 years. But in October
this year dad Actemra became worse because of what he had missed a number
important events, including the BAFTA ceremony,
called the British “Oscar”,
so awarded him the award was given to Matt for another actress. And some
time ago, it became clear that things Damon situation is very bad: Matt called then
his fans to pray for the health of his father…

Tragedy in the family of Damon erupted in the background
much less serious but, nevertheless, very unpleasant for the actor
problems. The fact that Matt allowed himself to speak carelessly about
broke out in Hollywood a sex scandal that began with Harvey Weinstein. And his words caused a storm of indignation. Now
Hollywood to collect signatures for the role of Damon was cut from footage already
the movie “Eight oceans”, the next instalment in the popular franchise. And under this
the petition was signed by over 20 thousand people!

What say Damon? How do you think the most loyal of his fans
nothing particularly “criminal”. Matt said that each new complaint be
consider this carefully and slowly to condemn everyone. And there is a lot of
the difference between those who are once allowed to touch the breast or the “fifth reference
point” a partner and those who molested children or raped women. And he
encouraged to talk more about those who are not spoiled by improper behavior, and
them, according to Matt, in the film industry the vast majority.