В семье Ивана Охлобыстина пополнение
The actor’s daughter got a pet.

В семье Ивана Охлобыстина пополнение

Family Ohlobystina

Photo: Elena Sukhova

In the house of Ivan Okhlobystin, a new member of the family, and that is unusual
pet. The actor’s daughter Eudocia sheltered little duckling. The girl saw
defenseless baby bird attacked by a cat and even managed to hurt him, to bite his neck. But
Evdokia had time to drive away the predator, snatching the duck from its paws. Now daughter
the actor treats and cares for his players. Feed baby millet.

Ivan with his wife Xenia and the new pet

Photo: Elena Sukhova

We will remind, the actor Ivan Okhlobystin and his wife
Oksana six children. And by the way, the young man from early childhood, decided
what’s going to become a doctor. “Darling decided she wants to become a doctor — told in
an interview with the magazine “7 days” Ivan Okhlobystin. — She decided to go to school at
The first medical school. She caused the Internet to Tutors. We
Oksanai surprised that this is possible. She giggled, “Well you, the parents,
wild!” She had prepared. She came. Learning with great zeal. Ride
there far, she has at six in the morning to leave home. The other children are learning
in the school at a Church near the house”.

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