In the family of 82-year-old Vasily Livanov happened replenishment

В семье 82-летнего Василия Ливанова случилось пополнение
The actor has once again become a grandfather.

The family of Vasily Livanov at the filming of “When all the houses”

Vasily Livanov has once again become a grandfather. 82-year-old actor has another granddaughter. Two months ago, the younger son of people’s artist Nicholas a daughter. About this happy event Livanov said in the program “When all the houses”. On the set of his extended family gathered around a big table and told Timur Kizyakov about addition.

The newborn, who became the fourth granddaughter of Vasily Borisovich, called Alice. “My eldest son Boris, beloved granddaughter Eva, my beloved wife Elena, my youngest son Nicholas, and my favorite, mother Tanya, daughter-in-law. And in the next room sleeping little-a little man, my granddaughter Alice. She’s not yet two months”, — presented the baby to the crew Livanov.

Fans were happy to see that Lebanon was able to reconcile with his older son Boris, who two years ago was released from prison. While he served his sentence, Vasily Borisovich wife got custody over his granddaughter eve. Lebanon fought a long time for that 15-year-old girl was living with him and not with the mother, which the family of the artist was accused of alcoholism.