In the family Eddie Murphy was a tragedy

В семье Эдди Мерфи произошла трагедия
The actor thanked fans for their condolences.

Eddie Murphy and Charlie Murphy


As reported overseas
press, Eddie Murphy suffered grief: the death of his beloved brother Charlie, who
was a famous comedian and screenwriter. Charlie passed away at the age of
57. He died in a clinic in new York city from cancer

Eddie Murphy, the father of nine children,
the fans were bombarded with expressions of condolence, wrote on his Facebook page
the social network: “Our family
lost a wonderful brother, son of our mother and father his own children — well
Charlie. We will miss him every day… Thank you all for your prayers and sympathy…”

That brother Eddie hard
sick began a year ago when he started to lose weight. Examination
showed that he had leukemia. However, Charlie did not give up, he was treated and believed,
that will be able to overcome the disease. Some time ago, he went to the clinic for
the next course of chemotherapy. All seemed, in his state there has been
improvement, and the doctors made favorable forecasts. Alas, the doctor made a mistake…

Withdrawing from life, Charlie left
orphans of three children born to his only wife tishey, which
evil whim of fate, also died — even
more than six years ago. She too became a victim of cancer.