In the family Dubrovich boy was born!

В семье Дибровых родился еще один мальчик!
The wife of TV presenter spoke about the addition.

Dmitry and Polina Dibrovy


The wife of Dmitry Dibrova late last night and shared good news. TV presenter and his wife were… grandparents! In the family Dobrovich appeared another boy. Details Pauline shared in social networks.

“Yesterday our favorite nephews has made me a grandmother twice. Yay! Born wonderful grandson Fabio! May God grant health and happiness baby! Well, Sasha, Fedya, and the funny thing is Ilya, double-uncle!” she said.

Polina about being a young grandmother with humor. “You know those funny words? Not so bad being a grandfather to sleep with grandma? Until perceive all with humor!” — said Pauline.

By the way, the TV host with his wife and yourself are not going to stop at three children. The couple already older sons and now they hope in the future to add to their family and girl. Polina remarkable accustomed to the role of mother. She’s leading microblog, which often shares the secrets of motherhood with your subscribers. Pauline is not afraid to give birth to a fourth child, because very quickly returns to shape after pregnancy. This helps her dancing and going to the gym.