In the family Beyonce and Jay-Z, another conflict is brewing

В семье Бейонсе и Джей Зи назревает очередной конфликт

Before the long-awaited birth of twins in the family Beyonce and Jay Z have only a few weeks. Now she is at the same time in the beautiful and exciting state, after all, closer to your due date it is impossible not to think about how everything will go and how successful will the whole process. Whatever the experience at Beyonce, her family always with her. My mother, sister, beloved husband and daughter all ready to help her. That’s just their desire to alleviate the plight of the artist may have a negative impact.

The fact that now the family brewing scandal, which concerns the question of who will attend the birth of Beyonce, who will be the first to see the babies and hold them.

Solange sure she never is able to support my sister in this touching and difficult time. She has earned the right to be there, because in the last months that she spent more time with Beyonce, went for yoga classes for pregnant women, etc.

But Jay Z disagree. He was confident that the sister has done enough, and the fate of Beyonce and his family as a whole is his concern.

The musician insists he will not allow Solange to sort out in their sovokuplenie home to the first time to help the nurses to cope with children, as it believes that its presence at home may be delayed.

Considering how a fight between Solange and Jay Z, we can assume that the person who will be with Beyonce during childbirth in the house, will be her mother Tina Knowles.

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