В Крыму снимут русскую версию «Ромео и Джульетты»

Work on the painting of Alexey Pimanova “Crimea” is in full swing.

Recently have been shooting one of the most action-Packed scenes (they involved the actor Paul trubner and two stunt guys) – the elimination of subversive groups – chases on boats at the docks “object 825” (previously kept secret, and now the cold war Museum) in Balaklava.

In preparation for this scene, the film-makers are faced with a problem. Length of tunnel (600 metres) and for shooting, you had all this space to cover. Eventually found the solution – hung more than fifty lighting.

— Powerboat racing on such a narrow underground canal, where the wave just knocks the second boat, a walking trail, very dangerous for a stuntman and operator – says Alexey Pimanov. — To fly through a narrow corridor on the Quad parallel to the boats going through the channel, is a risky trick. Plus, when one boat we have in the rams second frame (in the frame it really overturned), so it was worried about a stuntman, who at that time was on that boat.

In principle, such a technically challenging project I have for the first time. But it’s not even complexity, but rather some kind of new challenge. We have a tough stunt scenes, and a lot of them. In the mountains was filming a huge action-scene – 15 shooting days on one episode, it’s cinematic standards very much.

According to Pimenova, the idea to make the film emerged in March 2014, after the reunification of the Crimea with Russia:

— Started writing the script, when neither Donetsk, nor the downed “Boeing”, or penalties. We do not know what lies ahead. But gradually the understanding came, what movie to shoot. About people. And first of all to show from the point of view of mutual relations of Russian and Ukrainian relationship between relatives by blood or even yesterday, loving people, which is why some have shared here today this boundary is called the Crimea.

Then came the main characters. Alyona from Kiev, and Alexander from Sevastopol. He, of course, a native krymchanin, thinks so, as the majority of the Crimean people, and she’s a native from Kiev and thinks like many of those who came to the Maidan, who did not like Yanukovych. She has her own truth, and our hero – his own. He has every right to be, but she does.

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The main characters in the film played by Eugene snow and Roman Curtin. And from the words of the creators of the project, young actors perfectly coped with their task.

I’m glad they play in the film very good man – a Russian officer, ” says Paul trubner. — The person who cares for their country and for their people. It’s an honest film, it does not hurt anyone and does not degrade. Incidentally, we talked with the Marines in Sevastopol, a real military officer. I was their commander said, “you Know that we are different from the American Rangers? We can easily leave their comfort zone. I have the cloth it washed, two napkins – went to the bath”. Sure, our army is impossible to defeat. I practically grew up in the Crimea – in the village Medvedevo, on the lake Donuzlav. Almost all his childhood he spent every summer there. So this is my small homeland, so to speak, the most nostalgic and the best place to stay.

The film will be released next year. The premiere is timed to the third anniversary of the reunification of the Crimea with Russia. Recall that the shooting started a few months ago. According to Pimenova, his new work – a modern story of Romeo and Juliet.

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