In the country house of Catherine Volkova was an emergency

В загородном доме Екатерины Волковой произошло ЧП
The actress is experiencing stress due to an error the team of builders.

Ekaterina Volkova

Photo: @volkovihome Instagram Ekaterina Volkova

Life in a large country house seems like a fairy tale only for those who have not had such experience in my life. On the one hand is really nice not to have behind the wall neighbors, making repairs on weekends and includes loud music, on the other hand, the contents of a private house with Autonomous systems — it’s still fun. With this easy to agree Ekaterina Volkova, which, despite the presence of luxury cottages, is forced to cook and wash… from the neighbors.

Not so long ago on the site of the actress began work about the implementation of the new communications systems. Star “Voronin” hired a team of professionals and the result was a new headache: damaged gas pipe. “The whole day I spent rehearsing our new play, about which I will make a separate post because I think we’re cooking up something very cool together with fellow friends. Well, until late in the evening I rehearsed, jet lagged, going home with only one thought to take a hot shower and sleep. But the road calls Andrew and says that the builders were digging a trench in the backyard and struck a gas pipe. We are without gas and water…” — told Catherine.

By the way, last trouble Volkova did not end there. Once home, she found in the middle of the room, “slick dogs” rabbit. Fearing that the animals could inflict injury, Catherine went with him on a visit to the vet. Fortunately, the rabbit was healthy. For the actress this subject is painful, because recently she passed away from two rabbits, donated by her daughter Elizabeth on the day of birth.

Some time ago on the hardships of rural life complained and Alexei Chumakov. He told me that also often faced with breakdowns in the home for repairs which take a considerable amount.