В конфликте братьев Самойловых появились наемный убийца, телохранители и фейковые аккаунты
Former soloist of the “Agatha Christie” fears for the safety of his wife and child.

В конфликте братьев Самойловых появились наемный убийца, телохранители и фейковые аккаунты

Vadim and Gleb Samoylov

Photo: Instagram.com

There is a famous proverb: do not create a business
with relatives and friends, or lose both. This statement perfectly describes the current relationship between siblings
Samojlovym, in the past members of the rock group “Agata Kristi”. Gleb and Vadim,
after a couple of decades together, were on the verge of a real war
with each other.

As it became known, Gleb turned to
the Prosecutor’s office with the intention to bring against my own brother a criminal case. It
was about copyright infringement, 172 songs. To this desperate step Gleb pushed a long fight with Vadim on the material soil. Group
“Agatha Christie” officially broke up in 2010. However, in 2015, under
the leadership of Vadim, the team met again to spend a few nostalgic gigs. Hleb was, in his words, promised a certain
the fee for performances and the use of his original songs. But the money, according to Hleb, he never saw. About how it happened, Samoilov detail
said in a video posted by him online.

Then between relatives began a public exchange of “pleasantries”. Hleb demanded the promised money, Vadim harshly denied. The website of the radio station “Moscow speaking” published a report written by a man under the name vsamoilov_, which contained a direct threat of murder: “Gleb, my dear brother, I will do to you what you so longed for all these months past. The killer had been recruited. Not for five million, less.” It is unknown the user is stressed that especially writes with the fake account to avoid criminal liability.

While the press service of Hleb explained to the press, Vadim Samoilov wrote in his account on another social network the following: “Friends, please note that the administration of The Matrixx made a fake instagram http://instagram.com/vrsamoylov_ and sending him threatening messages Gleb Samoilov on behalf of Vadim Samoilov”. That is, in fact, accused his brother that he threatens himself and is trying to “substitute” him, Vadim.

Photo: Facebook @vrsamoylov

The story becomes more confusing as the press service of Gleb Samoilov has informed that the musician together with his family left the capital the situation is quite serious, because this is not the first threats to Gleb and his wife.

Incidentally, the scandal between the brothers has affected the fans of “Agatha Christie”. Fans predictably divided into two camps. The hearing will take place in September, but it seems that on a settlement of the question. Each of the parties to the conflict intends to prove his innocence.

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