В деле о гибели «пьяного» малыша появились неожиданные подробности Parents conducted independent research. From the end of April has been simmering scandal over a six-year boy Alesha Shimko, who was hit by a car. Forensic experts concluded that the kid was drunk. In the program “Let speak” Andrey Malakhov tried to understand why this fact did not bother the experts and they rechecked the results.

23 APR six-year-old Alex Shimko was hit by a car. Behind the wheel was a 31-year-old Olga beneficial. The boy was walking in the yard in the suburban town of Balashikha, when he was hit by a car. After the two sudmedekspertizy experts drew a conclusion: the kid was drunk. According to the study, in the baby’s blood alcohol found dose that is 2.7 ppm. Dad Alyosha, the novel has made an independent examination and came to the Studio program “Let them talk”.

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