In the case of injury Gutseriev’s nephew filed a case

По делу о ранении племянника Гуцериева возбудили дело Regarding the mutilation of a relative of a billionaire contradictory information is received. According to one version, Alikhan Gutseriev shot himself. However, on other assumptions, he was assassinated.

      По делу о ранении племянника Гуцериева возбудили дело

      This morning, in the street Lobachevsky residents of the area could hear the shots. As it turned out, the victim was a nephew of billionaire Mikhail Gutseriev Alikhan. He was taken with gunshot wounds to the hospital. Investigators opened a criminal case.

      But now this case looks quite confusing. While the investigation could not come to a conclusion what had actually happened. In this case received extremely contradictory information. According to one version it is reported that 44-year-old nephew of a billionaire, an attempt was made to assassinate. It is assumed that several unknown shot by Alikhan Gutseriev and fled the scene.

      But there is also a quite different version of what happened, which completely denies the fact of attack on a relative of one of the richest businessmen of Russia. According to other sources, the gunshot wound received by accident. According to the representative of the press service of “Bank” it’s not just about the attempt on the life and health of men. In their version, the injury was the result of careless handling of weapons. Moreover, they claim that the unpleasant incident happened in his apartment men. Besides, according to some reports, Alikhan himself even called an ambulance after the incident. It is reported that now his life is not in danger.

      However, the investigation opened a criminal case at once under two articles – attempt at murder for hire and unlawful possession of a firearm. Thus, the investigation has not yet provided any official version of events.

      Currently under investigation and operational-search activities to find out all the circumstances of the case.

      According to the newspaper “Moskovsky Komsomolets”, the representatives of the RCDS did not specify whether the weapon found at the scene.

      Recall that Alikhan Gutseriev – one of the relatives of Mikhail Gutseriev, who is the owner of the company “RussNeft”. Also the businessman is considered one of the richest businessmen of Russia. But Gutseriev is also known not only the fact that he’s a successful businessman. He is also the songwriter for many of the brightest and most famous stars of the national stage. No account of his work with such artists as Philip Kirkorov, Valeria, Christina Orbakaite, Joseph Kobzon and many others. Gutseriev also owns several popular radio stations in Russia.

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