In the case of convicted “drunk boy” requires millions for libel

Осужденная по делу «пьяного мальчика» требует миллионы за клевету Olga alisova made accusations against the Roman Shimko. The woman who was sentenced to three years in a penal colony, says that he has spread about her incorrect information. Side Alisovoy estimated the moral damage at a considerable sum.
Осужденная по делу «пьяного мальчика» требует миллионы за клевету

Olga beneficial, sentenced to three years in prison after high-profile accidents that killed young Alex Shimko, plans to present a claim to the child’s father Roman. As journalists found out, the woman accuses the man of slander. She evaluated his moral damage in 10 million roubles.

The lawyer of Alisovoy Natalia Kurakina confirmed that her client requires such amount. According to the lawyer, the complaint was filed on Monday.

According to representatives of the parties Shimko, beneficial also intends to recover a considerable sum in the amount of five million with one of Federal TV channels.

We will remind, Roman Shimko spoke about alleged links Olga Alisovoy with the underworld. The father of the deceased child said that in the time of the accident a woman could be in a state of alcoholic intoxication. Besides, he does not exclude that the beneficial moonlighting distribution of a controlled substance. Therefore, shared conjecture Shimko, disappeared the recording of CCTV cameras installed at the entrance to his home.

Осужденная по делу «пьяного мальчика» требует миллионы за клевету

In addition, the side Shimko made assumptions about what beneficial could negotiate with the medical examiner and investigator for fear of a criminal case after the death of the child. The man expressed his point of view in the video blog. In particular, the novel called to pay attention to different time of medical examination Alisovoy, as well as the number of drugs in the examination.

“According to the order of the Ministry of health, the examination must be at least 10 drugs. But here it is done on a five – marijuana, morphine, amphetamines, cocaine. And look at the end time of the medical examination – 20.50. Turns out, the test was ready in three minutes. But the result of medical examination on the drugs wait a few hours” – said Shimko.

At the disposal of journalists turned out to be a statement in the name of the precinct in which representatives Shimko spoke about the current situation. His father Alyosha believes that he distributed information that is untrue, but shared their assumptions.

Media representatives noted that the maximum amount you can sue for libel in respect of a person accused of a serious crime is five million rubles. The lawyer of Alisovoy not specified “Газете.Ru” how they intend to achieve their claims.

Resonant road accident in which killed a six year old Alyosha Shimko, occurred in April 2017. The boy was hit by a car in the yard of his house in Balashikha. First, in the baby’s blood alcohol was detected, but later it turned out that Alyosha did not drink alcohol. Behind the wheel of the car was 31-year-old Olga beneficial.