In the capital will hold a second concert in memory of Jeanne Friske

В столице проведут второй концерт памяти Жанны Фриске Moscow will host the second concert of the project “Zhanna Friske – I’m next!”. To speak at the event will be Lev Leshchenko and Katya LEL. All funds raised at the charity evening will be used for the benefit of orphans. The first concert dedicated to the memory of Jeanne Friske took place in June of this year.

      В столице проведут второй концерт памяти Жанны Фриске

      November 3, Moscow will host the second event of the charity project “Zhanna Friske – I’m next.” This will be a solo concert of “Christmas”, which will be held in the theatre of Hope Kadysheva Golden Ring. The name of the event – “So you want to live.” To support the performers will come Lev Leshchenko and Katya LEL.

      “Part of the funds raised this evening will focus on the implementation of the programme of socialization of children-orphans Mirovskaya orphanage in Voronezh Region”, – says the head of the organization Alexei Holoptsev.

      Recall that on the establishment of the charity project “Zhanna Friske – I’m coming!” became known in June this year. The organizers plan to help the orphans. The first event in memory of the singer took place on 11 July in the “Alexey Kozlov club”.

      Now the family of Jeanne Friske busy creating the monument. “StarHit” published exclusive photos of the sculpture. Sculptors have created a monument to Jeanne Friske. The FIRST PHOTO It will be the bronze statue in the natural growth of the singer – 165 cm. True, 5 centimeters will be added due to the height of the heel. The authors – young artists from Moscow – Levon Manukyan and Ivan Volkov.

      “We also install arch and black plate: do not understand what it is written, – told the “StarHit” Natasha Friske. In June last year at the funeral of Joan the Pope approached by an unknown man and given a sheet with inspirational verses about sister. He gave Kirkorov. The emotions said, “This should be on the headstone”. My father lodged this thought. And we don’t want. From the author of the poems we do not know personally. Besides, Joan is your songs, the words of which can be used. Ideally, it would be to do, as in the tomb of Lyudmila Gurchenko: just get her autograph”.

      To erect a monument to family planning in a quiet environment. “Fans and whole days are in the cemetery, – has shared with “StarHit” Olga Friske. – Jeanne would mind too much pathos, in the end she tired of it. Just collect the closest. Now that things have settled down, we normally feel. Finally, we stopped pinching”.