В приложении Prisma появился новый фильтр от Palmolive

Now photos can be processed in the style of impressionism, deepening the color and creating unusual contrasts. Co-author of a new filter for the first time became the cosmetics brand, Palmolive, who devoted his beauty novelty.

Recently completed in the capital of the V international festival of gardens and flowers Moscow Flower Show. In addition to the luxurious flowers, masterpieces of landscape design and rare species of flowers event guests could see the landscape installation of the brand Palmolive. For a few moments, anyone could find themselves in the fragrant garden of Eden where only birdsong disturbs the peace of nature. The girls enjoyed trying on dresses with flowers and inhaled the fragrance of the new gel-cream for the soul Palmolive Naturel “Seductive softness”, which was also held during the festival. The extract macadamia the tool perfectly moisturizes and nourishes the skin, and the original floral arrangement turns an ordinary morning shower into a Spa ritual.

Also in support of the new Palmolive in conjunction with the popular photo app Prisma released a custom filter for processing images. Any photo can now be similar to the painting of the Impressionists, who had a special passion for floral motifs in painting. Selected style filter reflects the values of the brand: the desire to bring the modern man to nature, to add to his daily life with bright colors and impressions.

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