В Таиланде владелец бара застрелил королеву красоты Pavina, Nerungry celebrated with a friend his birthday, and the next day they were found dead. As it turned out, the owner of the bar where he worked before the girl dancer, two years wanted to marry her. Seeing the young man, he decided that it was her choice, and took up arms.
В Таиланде владелец бара застрелил королеву красоты

Residents of the province of Chonburi, Thailand witnessed the brutal killings of 20-year-old former beauty Queen, Pavini Nerungry. She was with her childhood friend, 21-year-old Intecom Cararama when the owner of a strip club, shot a few in front of numerous people. As it turned out, the girl previously worked as a dancer in a night institution, and the conflict with former boss she had when she rejected his advances.

Pavina arrived in Chonburi to celebrate the birthday, and Sunday afternoon she was gone. According to police reports, the girl was shot four times in the head and chest, and the young man received three fatal bullet. Now police are trying to arrest 43-year-old businessman Panya Ingen. According to preliminary data, he has taken other girls for a boyfriend, and therefore decided to deal with both.

“My daughter and Nantachie were best friends from school. She was the most beautiful and loving girlfriend. We want to get justice. The police should find the person who committed the crime,” said mom Pavini.
В Таиланде владелец бара застрелил королеву красоты

Also the girl’s family said that two years ago she dropped out of University to move to the resort of Phuket to work as a dancer. Then it tried to Woo an influential local businessman, who did not like Paine she thought he was too aggressive.

“He moved us, at the expense of the million baht because I wanted to marry the daughter, but she refused him. Panya continued to insist on marriage”, – said the mother of the deceased.

According to police, the businessman is not alone committed the crime. Now looking his accomplices who have committed a crime. As it became known, the entrepreneur helped the 43-year-old, three suns Srisuk and 34-year-old Jirasak, Unaban from Phuket.

As it became known to newspaper The Sun, the associates of the businessman followed Pawinee and her friend up until a few were shot. However, the incident also entailed other consequences. “Our task is to check all entertainment venues of Phuket and make sure they operate legally,” said the police.