В Швейцарии открылся отель под открытым небом

How to get a hotel with no floor, walls, doors, ceiling, wardrobe, table and chairs, but with a huge bed and unobstructed views of the Alps and… the sky? We are the designers brothers Frank and Patrik Reclines very much!

The hotel called Null-Stern under the open sky was opened in the Swiss Alps in the valley of Sapiental of the Canton Grisons, offering particularly magnificent views of the mountains and nature. The room is suitable for those who likes to spend time in bed, but not averse to enjoy nature, the mountains and the starry sky. According to the authors, guests can enjoy Swiss types from the comfort of under the covers.

It offers Null-Stern in the fresh air are provided with a personal Butler. Is in hotels and the toilet, of course. However, it is a 10-minute walk from the bed (or rather, room).

It is known that the hotel will be opened from next spring to autumn. In the winter, as you might guess, weather to sleep outdoors does not have.

Room rate per day will be 250 Swiss francs (about 17 thousand). However, the project designers did not specify whether the returned money, if, for example, suddenly it will rain.

By the way, the designers, the brothers Riklin has already declared that one Null-Stern to stay is not collected. Any years they intend to open similar hotels in other parts of Switzerland.

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