In St. Petersburg say goodbye to the star of “Wedding in Malinovka”

В Петербурге прощаются со звездой «Свадьбы в Малиновке» Olga Lozova was not able to overcome the cancer. Today at theatre of a Musical Comedy it eventually pass away. Colleagues and friends came to Express words of condolences to her family.
В Петербурге прощаются со звездой «Свадьбы в Малиновке»

In the building of Saint-Petersburg theatre of Musical Comedy takes place the ceremony of farewell with one of the leading Actresses, Olga Lozova. The woman died July 1 after a long illness. The artist was not able to overcome the cancer. Friends and colleagues Lozova to the last hoped for the best, and she a week ago had rehearsed, but all efforts of doctors were vain.

Olga became the star of such productions as “Kiss me, Kate” and “Wedding in Malinovka”. Friends bring her family condolences.

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Konstantin Sukhenko, Chairman of the Committee for culture of St. Petersburg noted that Lozovaya, bukvalno adored by the public.

“Olga Olegovna was loved by Petersburgers. Let’s see how many colors today. More recently, we hoped that everything would turn out, she plans were in the ballets and new roles, and now it is not clear how to live. If the city can do to help loved ones, we will do everything.”

Telegrams of condolence sent to the higher ranks of St. Petersburg, in particular, Vladimir Kirillov, Vice-Governor of the city, and Georgy Poltavchenko, Governor of St. Petersburg.

During the farewell ceremony on the big screen, which is mounted on the stage of musical Comedy broadcast fragments from plays willow.

“Talking about Olga in the past tense is impossible, she will forever remain lively, sparkling and bright. She was subject for the genre, she was the best. Too soon God took her, aware that he need people, but we needed it here,” willow recognized colleagues in the theater.

People’s artist of Russia, Viktor Krivonos, star of “Tobacco captain” and “Truffaldino from Bergamo” read a poem dedicated to his colleague Olga Lozova. “I’ll miss you,” said the actor.

The General Director of theatre of musical Comedy Yuri Schwarzkopf said “StarHit” that according to the laws of the Russian Federation the title “people’s artist” is given 10 years after the “Honored artist”. Lozovaya won the first in 2005, and the people be not have time – too long bureaucratic procedure with the paperwork.

Also Schwarzkopf recalled that 10 days ago, the actress met with Director, reviewing the new play, which premiered to be held in December.

“They approached each other, but apparently this role, Olga will play already in heaven,” said Schwarzkopf.

Actor Valery Nikitenko remembered that first saw Olga in the play “the Merry widow” and was stunned. According to him, it was “the theatre – with all the advantages and disadvantages”. He added that the actress was always in a good mood, did not show their dissatisfaction to colleagues on the stage and radiated positivity.

Colleagues remember that she always wanted to play a dramatic role, for example, in the play “Love and pigeons”. But her long argued for the role, but if she wanted something, she achieve it always. So it was the best.

“If the chamber of weights and measures existed standard operational artist, Olga would be the benchmark. She has raised the bar of the operetta soubrette (comic character in the operetta) to another level”, said Vladimir Samsonov. People’s artist added that he had invited Lozovaya to teach students, but it didn’t last long. Now he will be in his lectures to talk about those standards, which showed Olga around the world.

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