In St. Petersburg hosted an early premiere of the film about Dovlatov

В Санкт-Петербурге состоялась досрочная премьера фильма о Довлатове
Presentation of paintings was held behind closed doors.

В Санкт-Петербурге состоялась досрочная премьера фильма о Довлатове

A scene from the movie “Dovlatov”

A scene from the movie “Dovlatov”

At the request of the organizers of the St. Petersburg international
economic forum held the first in Russia private screening of the production version
of the movie “iron curtain,” directed by Alexei German Jr. The event was held
in the legendary cinema “Aurora” with support of St. Petersburg Committee
for the development of tourism.

The show was visited by guests of the economic forum – business and
civil servants, intellectuals, people of different professions and
ages, from young to contemporaries and acquaintances of Sergey Donatovich Dovlatov.
Throughout watching the movie aroused and emotional
the response of the audience after the show he received standing ovations. Each found in the film
something for yourself, at the end of the event, the people did not disperse, and shared experiences
and discussed what they saw.

The film Director, Alexei German Jr. — winner
Berlin international film festival 2015 International 60 th and 65 th
The Venice film festival.

The film tells the story of a few days in the life of a young Dovlatova
Leningrad of the early 70-ies. In addition to domestic stories — witty, but
sometimes tragic kaleidoscope of life’s troubles and comical situations
the film raises the eternal for the Russian and European culture
the question of moral choice. In a time when everyone wanted to talk and hear about
ambitious and great, was it hard to write about life in its particular
to see as important, valuable and accurate in the small. Determination in the choice
the life and creative path in spite of circumstances, honesty and
others gave us one of the most famous classics of Russian prose
The XX century.

The creators of “Dovlatov” confident that the film should be useful
the people he on the the idea of a talented youth.
That is why a significant part of the fees from the rental of the film will focus on
the needs of the funds and awards that support young representatives of the creative

“First of all I would like to mention a good selection of actors for the main
role. M. Maric looks very similar to Sergei Donatovich, — said Alexander
Ganin, the head of the Department for relations with compatriots abroad. The Committee on
foreign relations of the Government of St. Petersburg. — His image in the painting — warm, friendly and a little
clumsy, according to the memoirs of contemporaries Dovlatov was. Herman,
to him, filmed a movie about good and gentle man who was unfairly beat
life, I think this task was to embody. The film is well recreated this
the atmosphere of uselessness when talented people can’t be realized
forced to do a chore for the sake of survival. Also note Beschastnykh,
Brodsky in his performance very convincing.

Overall, the film made a good impression on me, because
the Director is very delicately and carefully, Dovlatov, treated way
great writer.”