В театре «Современник» простились с Ниной Дорошиной
With the legendary actress forgiven in Moscow today.

Farewell to Nina Doroshina in the “contemporary”

In the theater “Contemporary” farewell to the national
artist of the USSR Nina Doroshina. At the farewell ceremony, besides the family,
was attended by her co — artistic Director of the Moscow academic theatre
satire Alexander Shirvindt, people’s artist of Russia Sergei Garmash, folk
artist of Russia Tamara Degtyareva, people’s artist of Russia, film Director Vladimir Menshov, actor Alexander Oleshko, honored coach of the USSR in figure skating
Tatiana Tarasova and other famous figures.

“It was like no one else, unique
people. To describe this man is absolutely impossible. For me, it is wonderful
actress. She was a wonderful partner… She was crying so generously, so generously have
her heart ached for the one whom she plays, and for those who played with her”,
— said from the scene of Liya Akhedzhakova.

Nina Doroshina, died Saturday morning, was caused by problems with the heart and blood vessels.
Shortly before her death she had a checkup at the clinic because of complaints of bad
health. Last summer it became known that the beloved Nadi from the movie
“Love and doves” was paralyzed leg, which also was the result of problems with

According to
publications in the media, first about the death of Nina Mikhailovna said her neighbor. The day before
she caused a team of physicians with complaints of chest pain. From
hospitalization, the actress has refused. “I’m an adult, sick man. So many years
which of course is bad with heart. All right, all right, I
alive at home”, — commented on his status yesterday Doroshina. Already
the next morning it became known that Nina Mikhailovna did not.