В школе Сергей Светлаков боролся с преступностью Classmates of the famous comedian told of how he was in childhood. Friends of Sergei svetlakova recalled the difficulties experienced in school, why was in conflict with friends and how he deceived the teachers.
В школе Сергей Светлаков боролся с преступностью

A great sense of humor the showman has always been, and he developed it during his studies in the normal Yekaterinburg school # 2. There he played the classmates, was improvising jokes. Seeing the faces of his comrades smiles, the prom even did a show skits for teachers. Room crying with laughter… and after the premiere of the film “Yolki new” with Sergei in the lead role. “StarHit” talked to the classmates of the artist and learned of the difficulties faced Svetlakov in school, why was in conflict with friends and how he deceived the teachers.


В школе Сергей Светлаков боролся с преступностью

“The teachers loved the Earring, and the girls instantly fell in love with his blue eyes, – shares with “StarHit” Larissa may, a classmate of the actor. – He is a boy reciprocated to pull their pigtails! If the classroom teacher is caught in a “crime” that had to give the diary to fit the observations.”

“A couple of times he and his friends have persuaded the class to skip a class – some are boring, like history. Some of the children escaped. Of course, the next day gave all the beating, and the Earring, no one passed. But despite the antics, he learned to “excellent.” Was most interested in mathematics and physics. Fellows are often asked to write off homework.”
В школе Сергей Светлаков боролся с преступностью

Svetlakov main passion was sport. In school, he dreamed of a professional career, even passed candidate standards. “I guess it started with handball – says “StarHit” Yuliya kashapova. We worked in the section of the physical education teacher. This tough the game was perfect tall, fast and tough Sergei. He could push hard competitor and catch the ball, falling to the floor… Very serious about competition. Thanks Svetlakov our team repeatedly won gold medals and cups.

In the summer with the coach we went to camp in camp near Yekaterinburg. Entertainment was not particularly, one of the few – our local chamber of horrors. Of course, she was very different from modern visitors frightened not robot monster, and disguised people.”

“For this “position” could be called any. Once the Shackle is wrapped in rags, face smeared with green paint, he looked like a zombie. Went into the room and waits. In the dark launched a few girls when they caught up with the monster Svetlakova, it is not noticed and passed. So he was not embarrassed. Began to touch their backs, shoulders and scary voice said: “I eat your hearts!” Screams were heard by the whole camp!”
В школе Сергей Светлаков боролся с преступностью

For the lovely ladies

In school, the future actor was always the life of the company. “The change Sergey often telling jokes or stories from life, – says the “StarHit” Igor Lebedev, school friend of the actor. – The earring has enormous integrity who stood up for the weak and defended the girls. Once encouraged him to make a joke. It should be noted, I was a bully, so the Hochma was appropriate. Say: “Come after class throw pens classmate Yana. Get the canister and see if she can take it!” Svetlakov immediately changed in the face and said: “This is not funny! Come on!” But I missed his words on deaf ears and decided to finish the job.”

“So he caught up to me, grabbed me by the shoulder and roared: “Igor, don’t do it!” I pushed the Earrings and banged his fist on the arm. But he was not timid: he threw me on the floor, socked me and said: “you Touch the case, I will bash until the end of the year! Now go home and on the eyes do not get caught”. Of course, obeyed and to contact him no more. I am sincerely glad that he is a simple guy from KVN upgraded his humor to the professional!”