В России начали клонировать знаменитых голливудских актеров
Jim Carrey came to the delight of his Russian counterpart.

В России начали клонировать знаменитых голливудских актеров

Jim Carrey and his Russian double

In Russia in recent time you can watch now
the invasion of the Hollywood stars. Or rather they are not themselves, and the twin stars of the world
value. Recently on open spaces of our vast country was “Russian” Jim Carrey. The guy, whose picture simply blew up the Internet, even impressed
your original. The “real” Jim Carrey has managed to comment on their similarities
with a Russian double. According to him, he was in shock from how announced
a character like him.

В России начали клонировать знаменитых голливудских актеров

Leonardo DiCaprio and his Russian counterpart, Roman Burtsev

In addition to twin star pictures “Dumb and dumber” on the streets of Russia, as it turned out, can easily be found idly strolling twins Hugh Laurie and Leonardo DiCaprio. The last is actually named Novel by Burceva and he has already become a real star. Thanks to the media, found out about it the whole world and now “Russian” DiCaprio is no release from commercial offerings. Not so long ago he took part in the filming of a parody on the famous movie that brought fame to the Oscar-winning actor. We are talking of course about the Titanic. By the way, before the Novel hit fame, he worked as a lifeguard at the division of EMERCOM. However, to leave his past career intends and dreams that will be able to combine work double of a Hollywood star with his profession.

Hugh Laurie and his Russian double

Photo: Instagram.com

But Russian double Hugh Laurie is in no hurry to become a celebrity. All his life he worked as a computer expert in Samara, and, it seems, is not going to change their craft. By the way, one foreign publication has put forward a bold assumption that Russia launched a “secret” project on the cloning of Hollywood stars. However, it was obviously a joke, but every joke, as you know, is the truth.

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