В России начался сезон отпусков в Чехии
The Czech Republic is a small distinctive area of Eastern European history and culture.

Due to the natural, architectural and cultural beauties of the Czech Republic is now one of the most popular destinations for year-round tourism.

Tours to Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is geographically located in an area which, first, has many natural resources, and secondly, it keeps a history of States and civilizations that lived here for millennia. Today Prague is one of the most popular tourist cities in the world. First of all, guests are attracted to the tour programme of the Czech capital and its environs, but no less pleasant factor is the financial inclusion in the country.

Attractive than the Czech Republic for tourists

In addition to interesting cities, such as Prague, Prague, Cesky Krumlov, Karlovy vary and Mala Strana attention of visitors attracted to the ski resorts. PEC pod sněžkou, krkonoše mountains, Spindleruvmlyn and Medvedin improve infrastructure and every year becoming more attractive for guests. Here there are trails for skiers of all levels, and, again, attractive prices on accommodation.
A separate part of the attractions that will give tours to the Czech Republic is the locks. As in all of Eastern Europe, there is a lot of dumb monumental witnesses of the Middle ages. Chief among them are considered hluboká nad Vltavou (XIII century), the castle (XII century) and Gothic (XIV century.).
Since the last century they became increasingly popular recreational trips to the Czech Republic. Health resorts and spas in the country located on the clear lakes and mountainous terrain. Here guests enjoy the medical air (with pine scent), the peaceful atmosphere, long walks in beautiful locations and delicious dishes. Year round not remain without attention of the guests of Karlovy vary, Teplice, the Spa is Losine, Francescopilone and Podebrady.

When to go to Czech Republic

Due to the diverse entertainment menu, the climate of the Czech Republic has almost no effect on the flow of tourists. Peak season is traditionally observed in the second half of the summer and first half of autumn, when people take cheap tours to the Czech Republic for vacations. The interest to the country slightly decreases, but still supported the Christmas weeks. In winter, people come here mainly for ski holidays, so in large cities like Prague, reduced prices on hotels.