In RETA thanked the producers of the film “the jungle Book”

В РЕТА поблагодарили продюсеров фильма «Книга джунглей»

Thanks to modern digital technology involved in the filming of a movie about the animals themselves, animals are no longer necessary. No more complicated process and suffering of the unfortunate creatures who are trained, everyone knows, not only carrot but also the stick. Animal protection organization RETA thanked the producers of the film “the jungle Book” and Director of bandss John Favreau for the fact that they refused the participation of the animals in the film, in which, seemingly, without it does not.

“It is very difficult to teach animals to speak clearly, because digital technologies have become an acceptable solution,” joked Favreau and, more seriously, she added – “Animals on the set only interfere and can even be very dangerous. For example, if we are talking about the tigers. I’m a city boy and I believe that our decision is correct”.


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