In parting Janet Jackson with her husband blame her mother..

В расставании Джанет Джексон с мужем винят.. её мать

American singer Janet Jackson confirmed the separation with her husband, Qatari millionaire Oussama El mana just three months after the birth of their firstborn son Issa. Divorce, however, the artist did not say a word. Representative Jackson said, “about the breakup, not the divorce.

In recent months, Janet has changed a lot. And it’s not just in late pregnancy and dialed kilograms. For my husband the singer, they say, converted to Islam, and this is reflected in its appearance. Outfits celebrity gave way to more modest, and in recent years it has not appeared in public in Muslim garb. Probably wanted her husband.
According to ancient tradition, in honor of the birth of a boy, Wissam brought the bloody sacrifice – slaughtered lamb with their hands, and it shocked relatives of the woman. Some say that the parting was amicable pairs, while others argue that the relationship of spouses in recent times was not the best.
Janet was known medialion singer from around the world, sold millions of records and performances on the best stages of the world. The same wissam was more down-to-earth lifestyle, away from the paparazzi and want the same for his wife. But how could Janet to change the way of life that was followed for so many years?
“They will be good parents, even if they are not together. Now Wissam moved to his mother’s house, which, like Janet, lives in London,” said the insider.
Meanwhile, one of the reasons for the separation of the spouses called mom Janet, Catherine, who gostevali my daughter for several weeks. The mother of the singer arrived in London, hiding from her nephew Trent. Two months she spent in the house Janet, and returned to Los Angeles only two weeks ago.
It is no secret that Catherine thought it would be a mistake adopting the daughter of another faith, and perhaps in the mother’s face, the singer found an ally and support in the difficult postpartum period. What exactly happened in the house Janet, remains a mystery to all.