In Odessa disrupted a concert Svetlana Loboda

В Одессе сорвали концерт Светланы Лободы

Representatives of the Ukrainian nationalist organizations disrupted a concert Svetlana Loboda in Odessa. As reports the edition “Komsomolskaya Pravda in Ukraine”, the incident occurred last night.

The singer was supposed to perform in a nightclub “Ibiza”, and I must say that the audience who came to listen to her, there were many. The same as it was and opponents performances by Actresses, among whom were representatives of the “Right sector” and “the Odessa automaidan”. Anticipating brawl for a few hours before the show began to shrink and law enforcement officers, and also employees of private security firms.
During the clashes, someone started throwing firecrackers and smoke bombs. Svetlana decided not to go on stage this evening that no one was hurt. Militiamen managed to detain one party fights, but soon released him.
The radical organization explained his desire to ban Loboda to make anti-Ukrainian statements that Svetlana allegedly made in an interview with Russian media.