In Moscow will open a second independent boutique Urban Decay

В Москве откроется второй отдельный бутик Urban Decay

On April 15, all guests in the SEC “metropolis” surprises, gifts and, of course, the atmosphere of the California parties.

The Californian cult brand Urban Decay opens second standalone boutique at this time a new place of attraction will be the SEC “metropolis”. April 15, mark is waiting for a holiday for all fans of makeup to celebrate this nice event together. Guests in the corporate colors of the brand (give a hint purple) waiting for thumbnails Perversion mascara, and if you check from 5000 rubles, all customers will receive the famous eyeliners Naked 3 Eye Pencil or Eye Pencil Rockstar. The festive action kicks off at 10 am and will last until late evening, so you will have time on Friday shopping even after a long working day.

Recall that the brand Urban Decay came on the market almost 20 years ago in defiance of public taste. Instead of the usual for that time of pink lipstick and neutral eyeshadow shades, the brand founder sandy Lerner with partners David and Wende Solardom Zomnir offered women 10 lipsticks & lip 12 of nail polishes with bold names: Smog (“smog”), Rust (“rust”), Oil Slick (“oil slick”), Acid Rain (“acid rain”). Needless to say, tired of repetitive range of fashionable girl immediately snapped up her first collection. Since then, the success comes a revolutionary brand – only in Russia the new boutique will be the 14th in a row. By the way, the names of the new funds are still maintained in the same provocative style. It would be “Psychedelic sister”, “Plastic bride,” “Star cowboy”.

To know how to look become a classic beauty brand products, as well as to experience innovations in action on the opening of the second boutique.

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