In Moscow, they buried Stella Baranovskaya

В Москве похоронили Стеллу Барановскую Today in the capital said goodbye to the actress, who passed away after a long battle with cancer. Stella Baranovskaya have found their last refuge on Mashkinskoye cemetery. The memory of the actress honored her family and friends, including Anfisa Chekhova and Katya Gordon.
В Москве похоронили Стеллу Барановскую

Earlier in the week it became known that the actress Stella Baranovskaya died at the age of 30 years. For a long time, the actress struggled with a serious illness – acute lymphoblastic leukemia, she left a small son Daniel. On Friday, September 8, in Moscow was held the funeral of a young woman. On the eve of Anfisa Chekhova asked only of those who personally knew her friend. Friends Baranovskaya feared the crush and stampede.

Anfisa Chekhova and Katya Gordon shared in social networks photos of the flowers they brought on the grave of the actress. The last days Baranovskaya passed surrounded by her dearest friends. They did everything they could to make the young woman feel better.

Anfisa Chekhov was trying to rescue a sick cancer Stella Baranovskaya

Visit Stella in Instagram appeared a photo of her grave, surrounded by wreaths.

“We buried our little girl. Let there, over the horizon, it will be good. (…) Stella was an amazing person, she never looked at someone and spoke with anger, did not swear and was forgiven. So girls, which was wrong (call it so) and accused Stella of fraud, will go to her grave, and ask forgiveness. I don’t like to give advice, but it’s not gonna hold!” – wrote Anfisa Chekhova.

Friend Baranovskaya was supported by TV presenter and said goodbye to the deceased actress. “Let your fight, strength, desire to live will serve as an example and inspiration! And people will wonder and will start to not just live, but to live interesting! Me really inspired, thanks, our girl,” wrote designer Alain in his microblog.

Another friend Baranovskaya said that shocked by the death of a loved one. “God forbid someone want to experience such agony of soul and body that the girl was worried last year and a half. (…)What she chose treatment is the only choice! No one has the right to condemn her, we tried to talk less about her method of treatment. I respect her choice, I’m sure she was doing everything right for yourself. Not to hurt herself, she didn’t. She was very smart and sincere,” said good friend Stella Anastasia. She also added that worries about the fate of his son Baranovskaya Daniel. “They were very close,” said a friend of the deceased actress.