In Moscow stopped, to give the dog to give birth

В Москве остановили метро, чтобы дать собаке родить

To give the dog up safely odinitsa, the train was sent to the Depot.

Autumn and winter dog in the metro is not uncommon. Mutts are often able to run to the car to warm up. But what I saw subway passengers this Monday, a unique case. People almost took the dog’s birth.

It should be noted, the expectant mother of the breed was very large. And certainly can handle herself on the street, but still came to people for help…

The first puppy was born, when the part that’s moved from “Paveletskaya”. Passengers did not panic. And then poured the woman some water and told us about the mother of the engineer.

Fortunately, he turned out to be a man indifferent. And reported what was happening where it should. Decided that the dog and puppies are crush only hurt. Passengers asked to leave the team at the nearest station, and the train proceeded to the Depot. What surprise of employees when on arrival they found the mother and nine whining “lumps”.

Kids courage certainly mother. And not having eyes really open, spread on the car. It’s good that the employees work in the subway a clever leather and all noses counted, have built them something like a house out of the box, first lay a soft cloth.

Dog, just in gratitude and licked people’s hands. And soon she got a reward in the form of large cans of dog food.

Of course, for a long time in the car they could not stay. The whole family led by mum staff soon transferred to the shelter “Saraswat”.

“Kids and mom feel great,” say the workers. Only here to feed the whole Horde of mongrel not. Workers will welcome for kids milk. And, of course, hope that the puppies from this unusual fate will find a loving home.

Those who wish to help the mom and puppies please call +79773156003 (Ale).