In Moscow said goodbye to Nina and Doroshina

В Москве простились с Ниной Дорошиной Friends and fans of the famous actress spent her last journey. Nina Doroshina parted Vladimir Menshov, Alexander Mikhailov, Liya Akhedzhakova, Marina Neyolova, Valentin Gaft and other colleagues. Some of them could not hold back the tears.
В Москве простились с Ниной Дорошиной

April 24 in the Moscow theater “Sovremennik” was held a farewell ceremony with people’s artist of the RSFSR Nina Doroshina. The star of the film “Love and doves” has died on 84-m to year of life. Hold the actress in the last path came a few hundred people. The auditorium was quickly filled with people. Fans of Nina Mikhailovna laid her coffin bouquets of flowers. The projector showed pictures of Dorosini.

The actress loved the “Contemporary” and gave him 60 years. At the time, Oleg Efremov was the name of the artist to his Mat, but she remained loyal to her colleagues. They also came to say goodbye to Nina Mikhailovna. Among friends Doroshina such stellar names as Marina Neyolova, Liya Akhedzhakova, Aleksandr Shirvindt, Arkady Inin, Valentin Gaft, and, of course, Vladimir Menshov and Alexander Mikhailov.

“It’s not just our history and pride. It is our heart. This is our Ninok. This is a great Russian actress,” said the stage Garmash.
В Москве простились с Ниной Дорошиной

Liya Akhedzhakova also admired the talent of Dorosini. According to the actress, she never skimp on the emotion. “This character was a part of so many funny and touching, and sharp and desperate,” shared the star. In turn, the Director Vladimir Menshov said that Doroshina was “unique tone”. Colleague Nina Mikhailovna Alexander Mikhailov admired how she subtly felt her heroines.

“The great Russian actress. A whole planet. City woman to feel the roots the soul of Russian women, earth women… That’s fantastic. Full movie hooligans, I’m telling you honestly. So it was fun for such and such a tenacious film,” said the actor, speaking with correspondents of the First channel.
В Москве простились с Ниной Дорошиной

Many of those who personally knew Nina Mikhailovna, could not hold back emotions in front of her coffin. The celebrity believed that will recover and will return to the stage and your favorite students. Tears and Tatiana Tarasova who had once worked with Dorosini on the play “Rabbit. Love Story”. Honored trainer of the USSR in figure skating has named actress a wonderful woman. Tarasov still recalls how once worked side by side with the artist.

When the coffin Nina Mikhailovna carried out of the building “Contemporary”, she was applauded for half an hour. The funeral procession went to the Church of the Holy Trinity at the Pyatnitskoye cemetery. There the actress was funeral and buried next to relatives.